When former NFL linebacker, Junior Seau, committed suicide in May, it wasn’t long before it was suspected that a brain injury was the cause. Seau’s family asked for an autopsy of his brain, and they were told he was suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). the result of taking years of hits to his head while a linebacker for the New England Patriots and San Diego Chargers.

Now, the family of Junior Seau has decided to file a wrongful death suit against the NFL in California. The suit alleges the NFL, through “acts or omissions”, hid what they knew about the dangers of repeated blows to the head. CTE is most commonly caused by repeated violent blows to the head, and the Seau family says the NFL either ignored or concealed – or both – information linking these things. شرح لعبة الروليت The family accuses the NFL of “glorifying” violence and hard hits, while downplaying the seroius health risks of delivering, and taking, these hits on the field.

The Seaus are also suing helmet manufacturer Riddell INc. قواعد لعبة بوكر The Seaus allege Riddell’s helmet design, and the testing, assembly, manufacture, marketing, and engineering, are negligent. The suit claims the helmets are “unreasonably dangerous and unsafe.”

The NFL continues to deny the claims, but has also given a grant to the National Institutes of Health to further study head injuries. They may not like the reults of these studies.

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