A Florida man was recently awarded $12 million by a jury that blamed two emergency room doctors for ignoring a brain infection that left him brain damaged and paralyzed. Joey Crume, 43, went to the emergency room at Mission Viejo Hospital in September 2004 with what he thought was a very bad headache. A CT scan showed that Crume had a brain infection that forced his brain to crush itself against his skull. Crume had worked at a nuclear power plant testing radiation levels.

A radiologist who testified on behalf of Crume said he could not understand how someone in Crume’s condition could even be alive. The radiologist discussed the CT scan results with the ER doctor, Dr. العاب في الهاتف Andrew Lawson, but Crume was given some pain pills and was sent home. Five days later, Crume’s brother found him in a coma; Crume had suffered two strokes resulting in permanent paralysis on the left side and brain damage.

The jury decided that while both doctors were negligent in this case, Dr. بلاك جاك Lawson was to blame because he sent Crume home even though the radiologist had made him aware of the CT scan results. روليت كازينو Crume, who now requires 24-hour care, was awarded a total of $12 million; his wife, Judy, has had to quit her job to take care of her husband.

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