Construction crews for the Ohio Department of Transportation will begin fixing a railroad crossing that was the cause of the wrongful deaths of four Brunswick High School seniors. The defective roadway has a steep slope from the level of the main road up to and back down from the railroad tracks that invites students and others to perform risky jumps in their cars, increasing their risk of fatal car accidents. Locals say the crossing is well known as a place where people love to jump their cars, and the roadway is filled with gouges from the undersides of cars that crash down after the jump.

In the deaths of these students, the car they were driving was traveling about 69 miles per hour when it flew over the tracks. signs of ivermectin toxicity When the car landed, the driver lost control. As the driver attempted to regain control, the car swerved out of control, hit a tree, and flipped over. The two students in the front seats, and two of those in the back seat were killed in the accident. The only survivor was a rear seat passenger who was wearing her seatbelt, unlike the other rear seat passengers. Rollover accidents are one type of accident where wearing your seatbelt makes a significant difference in your odds of survival.

Although jumping a vehicle is a dangerous action, defective roadways that invite these types of dangerous stunts need to be fixed. ivomec for human If you have lost a loved one due to a defective roadway, you may be able to get compensation with a wrongful death lawsuit. ivermectin scabies reddit

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