As if to re-emphasize the message of last week’s blog, this week there are several events in Columbus encouraging people to ride their bikes to work. The first, the Bike to Work Challenge, began yesterday, May 10, and runs for the next ten working days. Another event kicks off this coming Monday. ماهي لعبة الروليت This second event, Consider Biking, begins with a 7:30 am bike-to-work event on May 17. بوكر حقيقي This ride begins at Ohio State University and runs to the Statehouse, led by Columbus Mayor Michael B. شرح بلاك جاك Coleman and many local business leaders.

In addition, another schedule ride will take place in the evening of May 19. Known as the Ride of Silence, this ride runs from the Statehouse through the University District, and commemorates riders who have been injured or killed in bicycle accidents.

Although car accidents can lead to serious injuries and death, bicyclists are even more vulnerable and depend on the alertness and courtesy of automobile drivers. Drivers are encouraged to put down cell phones and other distractions, check their mirrors and blind spots one more time, and be aware of bicyclists this summer.

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