The lawsuit against Whirlpool alleging the corporation is responsible for causing nearly 40 cases of cancer among children in Clyde, Ohio has added 14 more plaintiffs. ingyenes nyerőgépes játékok letöltése pc-re The lawsuit says the plaintiffs have suffered “personal injuries and wrongful deaths.” The complaint against Whirlpool has been amended to include medical monitoring and ppoperty damage for residents of Erie, Ottawa, and Sandusky counties.

The lawsuit began when children who played in and around Whirlpool Park in Clyde began to become ill with cancer. sportfogadás org The Environmental Protection Agency’s testing of ground water, soil, and soil vapor, found known toxic carcinogens in sludge fill material nearly ten feet thick. The EPA also noted that because of this, the location was designated an illegal toxic dumping ground.

The current owners of the park purchased the property from Whirlpool and say they had no knowledge of the toxic material buried beneath. gaminator vélemény They’ve offered the park back to Whirlpool, but the company doesn’t want it back. However, Whirlpool has tried to get the current ownder to conduct surveys, which the owner has denied.

Whirlpool has been one of the main places of employment for the people of Clyde. They recognize the company has done much good, but they want answers and compensation for the health risks the company caused by allowing toxic sludge to be buried beneath a park where children play.

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