On Saturday, a car accident led to a chain reaction of accidents that stalled traffic on I-70 in Springfield, Ohio, and sent several people to the hospital. However, although three were involved there were no fatalities in this semi truck accident.

The first car hit a guard rail. A second car stopped to aid the first driver, but a semi truck trailing the second car lost control and hit the Good Samaritan’s car, driving it into the first car. The second car then struck the first car.

This accident was followed by a separate accident that occurred as a result of the traffic stoppage from the first. As the line of traffic stretched back far from the site of the first accident, a semi truck whose driver did not notice the stoppage hit the back of another semi that was already stopped. المراهنات The cab of this trailing semi was mangled and deformed by the force of impact, trapping the driver inside. It took 45 minutes to extract the driver of this semi, but he suffered only minor injuries. طريقة لعب اونو

This situation was fortunate. Many times, this very situation leads to numerous fatalities, as in thefatal truck accident that killed 10 near Miami, Oklahoma last year. It is crucial that everyone, especially semi truck drivers, allow sufficient spacing in front of them to stop in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

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