Columbus Wrongful Death Attorneys       Losing someone is one of the most painful things you go through in life. That pain is amplified when your loved one dies unexpectedly for reasons that could have been prevented. Your family and your expenses have suffered after this loss, and you want whoever is responsible to be held accountable. Depending on your state, and your relationship with the deceased, you might be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

            In order to begin these proceedings, you have to make sure you are the right person to file them. Laws vary from state to state. In most cases, immediate family members are eligible to sue for wrongful death. This means you must be a spouse, child, or parent of the decedent (the deceased). When there are not any living members of the immediate family line, the control falls to siblings, or grandparents. You must be married or related to the decedent to qualify.

If you’re looking to sue a family member over the untimely death, you can only do so if you are not directly related to them. For example, if your child/parent/sibling was married, and you feel their spouse was responsible, you can sue them for wrongful death, as they are not technically related to you. can a pharmacist prescribe ivermectin for head lice There are, of course, exceptions to this, and in some states only the decedent’s estate can file these charges. If you’re not sure whether you qualify to file a wrongful death suit, contact the law offices of Robert W. Kerpsack in Columbus at (800) 944-0755 for a free case evaluation.

            There are several ways to go about pressing charges against the person or company responsible. dosis ivermectina oral perros demodex Your spouse or family member may have been the victim of a violent crime, negligent employers, or medical malpractice. The loss of income and potential inheritance could entitle you to monetary compensation. ivermectin is for type 2 If you were the dependent of the decedent you can also sue for loss of support, and, in some cases, loss of parental guidance.  

            Losing someone is never easy. No amount of money can ease your pain and suffering, but it can alleviate your financial injuries. Take your first step towards a resolution today by calling our team of wrongful death attorneys. Our team has proudly served Columbus and all of Ohio for decades. Call us at (800) 944-0755 to start your wrongful death suit today.