A birth injury can be prevented with good obstetrical and neonatal care. A birth injury results from something that went wrong during labor and delivery. بروسيا دورتموند Prolonged or difficult labor (dystocia) can lead to a birth injury. Dystocia causes oxygen deprivation to the fetus. Cerebral palsy is a chronic medical condition resulting from damage to the brain of the baby during the birthing process.

Studies reveal eight to ten birth injuries occur for every one thousand live births in the United States because of medical negligence and malpractice. كازينو مباشر Factors involved in some birth injury cases are failure to perform a C section in a timely fashion, abnormal position of fetus, breathing problems, prolapsed umbilical cord, umbilical cord wrapped around neck of baby, fetal distress and premature labor. The use of forceps and vacuum extractor increase the risk of injuries to the baby also. نادي سيتي

Birth injury can be responsible for a wide range of conditions from mild to severe. Minor bruising to actual brain damage can occur. In the case of brain damage, the financial burden of caring for a brain damaged child can be devastating.

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