Big rigs or tractor trailers, commonly called 18-wheelers, traverse across United States highways daily, carrying cargo precious to American life. However, even more precious, are the thousands of lives lost every year due to the careless actions of the drivers of these semis. Big truck accidents can cause tragic results often resulting in death or debilitating life-long injuries. Simply put, in a car versus semi-truck accident, the car (and its passengers) does not stand a chance against such a monstrous machine.

In January 2014 a semi truck driver in Washington County hit a telephone pole causing him to jackknife his semi and slide into a residence. paysafecard بطاقات Shockingly, in this particular accident no one was injured.  In many accidents involving 18-wheelers this is not the case and serious injuries result. However, the cost of the damages to the homeowner was thousands of dollars not including the time they were unable to reside at home. Careless actions of truck drivers can cause life-altering injuries, hospitalizations, surgeries and rehabilitation, not to mention, a loss of income from not being able to work while recovering to innocent victims and their families. Injuries such as these require compensation in order for the victims to regain a normalcy of life.

Just as a car is no match for a semi truck, neither is an individual who has been involved in such an accident prepared to take on the trucking companies’ defense attorneys alone. ماكينات القمار An aggressive plaintiff personal injury lawyer with experience handling big truck accident lawsuits can help you counteract the tricks that defense attorneys and their insurance carriers may try to reduce your recovery.  An experienced truck accident attorney will investigate your claim and help you navigate the federal and state laws so you can build a winning case against the trucking company and other defendants who may be liable for your injuries or loss. 

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