Unfortunately, more than 250 children will be killed this year in nontraffic car accidents, the majority of them in their own driveways. The problem has skyrocketed in the last 10 years as ownership of SUV ownership has become more common. In the five years from 1996-2000, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that 88 children died from backovers and 24 died from frontovers. However, in 2006-2010, that number increased to 448 deaths from backovers and 358 deaths from frontovers. These types of accidents account for about two-thirds of all nontraffic child fatalities.

The problem is that SUVs have much larger blindspots than other vehicles. The average rear blindzone for a vehicle today is 7 or 8 feet wide and up to 50 feet long. And the front blind zone averages 7 feet, and as a result more children died in 2010 from frontover accidents than backovers. ivermectina gotas dosis

Are these vehicles unreasonably dangerous, and are marketers putting children in danger when they advertise them as family cars? ivermectin injections Should detection equipment for these vehicles be a mandatory safety feature to counteract their inherently dangerous size? A defective vehicle lawsuit can help decide these issues and make these vehicles safer in the future.

If you have a lost a child as a result of these dangerously defective vehicles, you have the ability to help protect other children by filing a lawsuit against the vehicle manufacturers. Your lawsuit allows a jury of your peers to look at the evidence and decide whether vehicle manufacturers have a responsibility to make their cars safer for the sake of all our children. where in the life cycle does ivermectin kill heartworm

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