A jury in a wrongful death case in Prince George’s County, Maryland, awarded $90 million to the family of a girl who died four years ago. The 13-year-old high school freshman was struck by a car while trying to catch her school bus.

The family of the girl sued Prince George’s County Board of Education, citing the failure of providing a safe bus stop for students living on the north side of Brinkley Street. The bus driver allegedly “persistently negligently failed to stop at the appropriate stop.” As a result, the victim started to try and catch a bus on the other side of the street. مباريات ufc She was hit while crossing to the south side of the street by a vehicle, which then hit a minivan and a 17-year-old boy walking on the other side of the street.

According to residents, parents have complained to the county for years about late school buses and routes deemed unsafe. The jury in the wrongful death case felt the school board failed in providing safe transportation to this young girl. ماكينات القمار However, residents are upset about further cuts to transportation, which the school system put in place last year. As a result, there are 130 less school buses and 2,350 less stops. ارقام الحظ في القمار They also increased the distance elementary school students can walk from one mile to one-and-a-half miles. This was done to save $10 million.

The school system is expected to appeal the $90 million verdict.

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