This past Friday, a male bicyclist died after being struck by an Ohio State Campus Area Bus Service (CABS) bus near the intersection of Summit Street and Chittenden Avenue in Columbus, Ohio. He was 65 years old. According to a police report, the bus was traveling the East Residential route, and was being driven by a 21-year-old OSU student. فلم سباق السيارات

The driver told police he saw the bicyclist steer closer to the street curb between two parked cars, and took this as a sign that the cyclist meant to let the CABS bus pass. العاب طاولة محبوسة However, as he drove past the bicycle, he saw the cyclist become unsteady, and then fall under the bus’s right rear wheel. It is currently unclear whether or not the bicycle struck the parked car before falling beneath the bus.

According to a spokeswoman for OSU Administration and Planning, the bus driver is still an active employee, but Transportation and Traffic Management is currently conducting an investigation into the crash based on the facts provided by the Columbus Police’s investigation. Several OSU students have stated that the bus-bicycle accident has raised their awareness of the dangers of cycling near campus.

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