Motorcycle accidents lead to serious injury and death more often than any other type of motor vehicle accident. A motorcycle’s smaller size, two-wheel design, and lack of any external protection contribute to a higher level of risk on the open road. Unfortunately, many careful motorcyclists are injured because of another driver’s negligent actions.

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Motorcycle Accidents Involving Other Vehicles

Some of the most common types of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Limited visibility accidents – The vast majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by another driver’s inattention, or failure to see a motorcycle in heavy traffic. The driver of the other vehicle often fails to yield or violates the motorcyclist’s right-of-way.
  • Rear-end accidents – Sometimes, the other driver may misjudge their following distance and rear-end a motorcycle. This type of accident can easily throw a rider from their bike, or force the bike into oncoming traffic.
  • Open-door accidents – Drivers and passengers of parked cars on busy roadways often fail to check for oncoming traffic when opening car doors, causing serious injury to motorcyclists.

The other vehicle does not have to physically collide with the motorcycle in order to be considered liable for an accident. Accidents often occur when the motorcycle is simply attempting to avoid the reckless maneuvers of another vehicle.

Single-Bike Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are not always caused by other drivers. Sometimes, hazardous roadways and obstructions neglected by local transportation authorities can cause serious accidents. Additionally, some motorcycle accidents are caused by defective parts or equipment.

Our experienced Columbus motorcycle accident attorneys will thoroughly investigate your accident to uncover important evidence and determine who is liable. In some cases, multiple parties may potentially be held responsible for your injuries. Without an attorney on your side, you may never discover all of the various factors that contributed to your accident.

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