Pesticides are commonly used throughout the United States. magyar kaszino online Unfortunately, the very chemicals that prevent harmful pests from causing damage to our property have been proven detrimental to animal and human health by numerous and continuing scientific studies.

Some of the more common and minor side effects in humans of pesticide usage are eye and skin irritations such as burning, itching, and rash. tippmix eb Pesticide exposure has also been shown to cause damage to the nervous and immune systems, sometimes even leading to the development of certain cancers and death. sportfogadás online The reproductive system, too, is especially susceptible to harmful influence from exposure to pesticides, resulting in a higher rate of birth abnormalities and miscarriage, decreased birth weight, and a host of fertility problems for both men and women.

Pesticides such as DDT have also been found to be destructive to our natural environment and nearly decimated certain wildlife habitats such as that of the brown pelicans in Texas and Florida. These types of pesticides can seep into the groundwater supply and be consumed by humans as well. In spite of the mass of scientific evidence exposing the dangers of pesticides, they are still utilized daily throughout the country.

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