Modafinil feeling reddit

Modafinil Feeling Reddit

Realized that I need to be better prepared with a plan with the sudden increase in the available mental bandwidth Modafinil is a pretty modafinil feeling reddit weird Smart Drug in my opinion.Took Modafinil 200 mg (Modalert) for the first time yesterday and here are my observations: Took 200 mg post breakfast (around 10:30 am).I tried to take modafinil yesterday for a less recreational purpose, having never taken it before i opted for modafinil feeling reddit 100mg on an empty stomach, after 40 minutes of feeling nothing really i took another 100mg.Stop for couple days to feel the best effects, over stimulation is never good, if you will get yourself good sleep and some more multi vitamins in - you will be amazing.Jumping 2 standard deviations is unheard of.Modafinil would cause the conversation to move too fast, the mundane to become intense, and sleep to become a rarity.The are very minimal if any modafinil feeling reddit side effects for me when taking the drug, outlined below.Whenever I take Modafinil it gives me 6-8 hours of tunnel vision and focus Again stimulated but with headache.Only once I felt a bit nauseas/sick but I don't believe it was mainly due to the medicine though it.You might feel a bit jittery after taking the drug and having caffeine.To a point where you know that something is definitely going on.It doesn't really feel like that you're 'on something' when you take it.You might experience some sleep distrubance if you don't time the dosage correctly.The jaw stimulation and sleepless nights have pushed me more towards the Noopept, Piracetam, and more mild stimulants (mild is relative, yes) Get rid of bad anxiety, i use L - Theanine and 5HTP to balance this feeling out - mood gets uplifted alot and you are just unstoppable on tasks.

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